Wednesday, January 12, 2011



It could be the lighting or whatev! Body suit or not, that honeymoon photo was hot as hell!  Edward and Bella rocked it!  Awesome…

So… Let’s pretend that Kristen did wear a body suit… For the sake of this post… LOL!!!




Kristen:  “Why do I have to wear a body suit?”

Bill:  “Because you have to!”

Rob:  “I agree, baby… You need to wear that thing!”

Kristen: *Pouts* “Fine!” *Narrows Eyes at Rob* “You, Mister, are going to pay for this!”

Rob:  *Wide eyes*  “Baby, I’m already paying for this.  I fucking have a permanent boner and it hurts like hell!”

Bill:  *Looks at Rob*  “Hmm… Maybe you should wear a modesty patch…”

Rob:  “Hell, NO!!!  My girl! My boner! My problem! Okay?”

Kristen:  *Sighs*  “This is stupid!” *Mumbles as she went to wear the “body suit.”*  “We do it every night and he demands I wear a body suit? Jeez…”

Bill:  “So why do you agree for the body suit for Kristen?”

Rob:  “Simple.  She’s mine.  I don’t share! Her skin is for my eyes, my touch… I’m greedy like that!”

Bill:  “But didn’t she have, um, sensitive scenes on On The Road!”

Rob: “Don’t go there, Bill!  She has her body double… And I made sure I was there when they shoot those scenes... Not for that reason, of course.  I mean, I can't be away from my baby for a long period of time!  It just happens that they were shooting those scenes while I was visiting her... It's, um, co-incidence, you know... I trust her with every fiber of my being... I have faith in her... As she does in me!”

Bill:  *Giggles* “Oh, of course!  How about her recent film, Welcome to the Rileys?”

Rob:  “We had that figured out.”

Bill:  “So how are you gonna prevent her from doing sexy scenes in the future?”

Rob:  *Smiles”

Bill:  “Well?”

Rob:  “Easy.  I’ll get her pregnant every year for the next 5 years…”

Bill:  *Laughs*  “That’s funny…”  *Stops laughing*  “You’re bloody serious!”

Rob:  “My baby is all for it!”

Bill:  “How do you know that?”

Rob:  “She loves me.”

Bill:  *Shakes head*  “That I can see clearly.”

Kristen:  *Wearing a robe*  “Okay, I’m ready*

Rob:  *Grins*  “Let me see…”

Kristen:  “Okay.”  *Pulls Rob in the corner and gave him a glimpse*

Bill:  “Are you ready?”

Rob:  “Um… Um…”  *Gives Kristen a mean look*  “But…”

Kristen:  “Close your mouth dear…”  *Whispers*  “Now you know.. I’m wearing a body suit from the waist up… But to be even… Since you’re not wearing a modesty patch… I thought, it’s only fair if… I’m BARE there as well…”

Bill:  “Is there a problem, Rob?”

Rob: *Mumbles*  “Yes… and it fucking hurts!”

Kristen:  *Whispers*  “It didn’t have to hurt, sweetie!”

Bill:  *Clears throat*  “Um…. When I say 'cut'…”

Rob:  “…Just… Just leave the room…. Bring the crew with you… And come back after fifteen minutes!”

Bill:  “Oh, boy!”


  1. OMG! Bahaha. Your version of R/K are so bloody hilarious.

  2. Hahaha... My "third eye" tells me it's close to this... JOKE! Thanks, bb!

  3. You sure have amazing "third eyes", Ofie hehe! Anyway, do you think she's wearing a body suit? :P

  4. I really have to stop reading this at night. I laughed so hard and loud. And Ofie I like your "third eye". You rock!

  5. haha LOL!!! our RK really enjoys working with Bill and Bill enjoys working with RK as well haha..if K gets pregnant in real life after BD i'm sure RK will get Bill as a Godfather of their first born child LOL^_~

  6. I love that many of your posts involve baby talk. ^^