Thursday, January 13, 2011

@I_amRoSales Close Encounter with #Robsten

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I traveled to Rio de Janero to see Robert and Kristen. 
I was quoted in several fan site in Brazil and in the USA. viz @foforks and @spunk_ransom

Early on, around 15h, I was informed that there was a shooting; and I heard that it was of a girl fom a commercial bank.  I was standing right there until the city police officer came and asked me to leave because they were going to shoot a vampire movie.   
It was there that I met Cristina and her aunt.

We decided to rent a hotel room where we could see beyond the fence that prevented the fans from taking a peek; 
we were even discouraged by the costume designer who told us that we would not see anything
(her mistake, we saw almost every thing!)

We went to our suite.  The street began to fill with people, 
equipment, and everything Robsten!

We can see extras changing clothes (oops); 
as well as the stunts…
I asked for a photo of a couple of them 
and they agreed to my request.

I have my computer in the room, following the Robsten Foforks; so, I was able to find out that they had already left the Marina and were going to Lapa.

After midnight, we saw Rob and Kristen filming 
(the scenes were already marked by stunts.)  
 I did not restrain myself and I let out a cry for Rob, 
who clearly did not hear me… 
But… I got that one production crew 
to come to ask me to turn off the camera flash as it was disrupting the filming.

The other rooms of the hotel that had access to the street had been rented and that’s where I made friends with several locals including Flavia or @fcsouza0301 and we were also willing to pay the price for us to get a glimpse of Robsten, Edward and Bella.

After taking some shots of them at around 3:30am, we went to Flavia's hotel as I was from Sobral in Ceara, Brazil; 
and one of the reasons was also we could right 
@Foforks, the wonderful city, in November.

Kisses and thanks very much.  I am thankful to have seen Kristen and Robert!!! 

Roberta Sales

All photos belong to Roberta Rosales. Please follow her on Twitter @I_amRoSales
Thank you Roberta!!!
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Thanks to Roberta Sales for Sharing!!!
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