Monday, January 3, 2011

The Kiss That's Perfectly Romantic (P.R.) on New Year's Eve!!!

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Thank you very much & Happy Robsten Year!!!  
Every Fuckin' YEAR!!!  FOR LIFE!!!



  1. Lol~~~ Nonstens can shut the fuck up.

  2. Hahahaha.... Damn right, girl!

    Thanks for commenting, sweetie!

  3. yehey they kissed!!!ate ofie it's not PR ofcourse it's love, sweet love:)!!!though K might get hurt for kissing her bb Rob with his thick stubbles on his face or his beard K will continue to kiss Rob:) that's how our K loves her bb Rob!!!ate ofie maybe the nonstens are just too shy to admit that they find Robsten so cute hehe lol:)

  4. Hahahhaha I liked your definition of PR, Perfectly Romantic is what they are, no doubt.

    I think Rob and Kristen know enough how become a ninjas, but they just don't realize yet which is the only thing that can break your defense shield: his own bubble... they completely forget the world, people, and all what is happening around it. <3

  5. and YESSSSS the kiss is Perfectly Romantic!!!!!

  6. Thanks, bbs! Our Robsten are truly an amazing pair! I so love them! Their road to forever is smooth and just simply amazing!!!