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I know I promised that I’ll keep the blog light and funny…
Please forgive me because this one is not quite funny…
Well, maybe for some it is! LOL…
Forgive me? Pretty, please, with Robsten love on top?
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The Switch is Turned On 

In my corner, I watch…

Love.  I don’t have any other word to describe what it is that makes them so captivating. 

Is it really that possible to find something so vital you’d never want to be parted from it?  This kind of emotion is elusive.  It does not happen to everyone.  It is as though FATE chooses certain people to give this “gift” to.  Surely, they were the chosen ones and they embraced this gift tightly in their hearts; sharing it, nurturing it, and protecting it.  

He smiled, whispered a few words to her that made her smile, then, strummed his guitar.  Softly, he sang his song while she watched him intently.  He missed a note and they both giggled.  They gazed at each other as though there was nothing or no one else around them. 

“Your other version was better,” she told him. 

“Hmm…” he considered for a moment before going back to his guitar.  “Like that?”  He asked after trying a few lines. 

She nodded and leaned her head on his shoulder.  That simple gesture of hers meant the world to him.  So he placed his guitar against the back of the chair, bowed his head so he could look directly into her eyes.  He pushed a lump of her hair behind her ear and may have said something funny because she buried her face in her hands as she laughed. 

When they finished the bottle of water that they shared, they lit a cigarette and carried on with their conversation.  There were moments when they talked rather seriously; but the smile, the laughter, the lingering touches and gazes, I noticed, were regular occurrences. 


The other day they arrived at work with basket of goodies she baked -- to the delight of their co-workers, especially the men.  I gotta tell you, that girl could bake!   She made these chocolate cupcakes with melted chocolate filling.   It’s to die for! 

“You’re not eating?”  One of the co-workers asked him.

“Oh, no!”  She interrupted.  “He’d had half a dozen already!”

He glared at her playfully.

“This is good!”  The co-worker exclaimed.

“I know!”  He said with obvious pride in his face.  He pulled her beside him and she wrapped her arms around his waist.

“Dude, you’re gonna gain weight if your woman will keep on feeding you like this!”  Another male co-worker exclaimed.

“He’s gonna get fat no woman would want him!  Good one!”  A woman co-worker joked.

“Leave him.  I’ll marry you!”  Another male co-worker begged her.

“Oh, she’s taken.  Go find your own!”  He said sternly with a smile on his face.

She giggled.

I sampled the cupcake and I agree.  It was that good!  I’d marry her, too, if she’d have me.  Tee-hee!


One time, not so long ago, I remember, he wasn’t feeling so well and he wasn’t his usual happy self.  He was somewhat grumpy.  He was sneezing like crazy.  The usual love-dovey eyes were absent.  He sulked while she worked. 

I watched her in action.  She was really fantastic at what she does.  She was excellent but anyone could tell her attention was elsewhere.  There was a frown on her face every time she looks at him, obviously worried.  She rushed to him after finishing her "task."  She stood before him, felt his forehead and neck, and like a little baby, he wound his hands around her waist and buried his face on her chest.  She repeatedly ran her fingers through his hair before dropping a kiss on top of his head.  She made him take his medicine.  He was told to go back to their place so he could rest but he didn’t leave without her.  So, when she was done, they left together arm in arm!  Result:  She, too, got sick a day or two later!  I guess that’s true love there!  Yee-hah!

So in my little corner, I’ll continue to watch (not stalk… there’s a big difference, lol) and be inspired… Such love makes me want to love  even more.

Just in case I did not reiterate this enough...
***** To Be Continued *****

I would just like to post these photos of Rob and Kristen because, really, this blog is dedicated to them… It wouldn’t be right if I don’t post something of them, right? *wink*

Thank you for humoring me.



  1. awwww thank you ate ofie for sharing as you claim "a fiction that is" but the message it has delights the love this story :)

  2. awwwwww! this is so cute!! :)

  3. *Sigh* Yeah, BBs... THEY are that in love!!! *another long sigh*

  4. omg!thats so beautiful!*sniff sniff* can i join u sit on ur lil corner?..lesigh

  5. This was so beautiful. Like you, I enjoy watching the beauty of their relationship from my lil corner. They are such a lovely couple. We all wish to find that kind of love.