Friday, January 28, 2011

Mallory, Bella, and Snow White... A Private Conversation... Sort of



On Friday 28th January 2011, said:

Mallory: "And you think you're better than me because you're a virgin?"

Bella: "I didn't say I'm better than you. I'm just saying that you shouldn't sell yourself for money."

Mallory: "Honey, believe me... I am so much better than you. You're just afraid your Edward will fall for me when he sees me."

Bella: "You whore! He won't even breathe the same air you breathe!"

Mallory: "Oh, yeah! Believe me... One night with me and he won't even remember your name!"

Bella: "That's where you're wrong. Edward loves only me. Vampires mate forever. So dream on, you skank!"

Mallory: "And I thought you're a good person...You're just scared shit, you two-timing bitch!"

Snow White: "And you're fighting because of Edward?"

Mallory: "And who the fuck are you?"

Snow White: "Well, I'm the fairest of them all!"

Mallory: "Psycho bitch!"

Bella: "Edward finds me the fairest in the land!"

Snow White: "Oh yeah? You're so naive, Bella. Your Edward cannot resist me!

Mallory: "He'll want me, I know for sure. Bella, go back to your dogie friend, Jacob! He'll want you back!"

Bella: *Growls*

Snow White: *Screams*

Mallory: *Pushes Bella and Snow White*

Kristen: "Will you, three, stop!!! God!!! First of all, I am the ONE!!! Mallory, you're no better than me. What you can do, I can do better. Secondly, Bella... Edward only wants you because he sees me in you. He wants me. Edward, Tyler, Jacob Jankowski, Giselher, Cedric Diggory, Toby Jugg, Daniel Gale, Salvador Dalí, Georges Duroy... All of them want me. So get over yourselves. And Snow White... Well... You're new in the house... But yea... You're definitely NOT the fairest of "them" all!!! And the three of you put together is just a part of me! I'm the real deal here... So get over it!"

Mallory, Bella, and Snow White: *Sniff*

Mallory: "And Rob?"

Kristen: "Oh, now you're asking for it! Say Edward, or Cedric or any name but Rob's... He's off limits! READ MY LIPS: ROB BELONGS ONLY TO ME.

Bella: "But how come I saw you one time you wore Mallory's work clothes while you and Rob did... um..."

Kristen: "Bella, you better be prepared to get bitch-slapped if you say stuff like that... But I will forgive you..."

Snow White: *Smirks* "I bet Rob will never be happy about the seven dwarfs you'll be sharing a room with!"

Kristen: "Snow White.. shut the eff up! You're not even official yet and you're already annoying me..."

Snow White: "Oh, Sorry....Sorry..."

Kristen: "All of you... Go back to where you came from!"

Mallory and Bella: *Leap into Kristen*

Snow White: "Ummm... Like, I'm lost..."

Kristen: *Shakes head* "Come. Walk with me!" 


  1. omg..this actually made me laugh out loud..i love your ideas!!!

  2. OMG!! i can laughing all night long whit this.. hahaha.. i love when K said all R's cast name. Jezz.. Thanx for this hon :))


  3. This piece is really good. I love it~~